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Specialising in Volumetric Surveys

Volumetric surveys are very useful in a number of quantitative (measurable) ways as well as being a qualitative (visual) representation of a project site in three dimensions. Survey Graphics specialises in volumetric surveys using small and large format aerial photogrammetry. The small format aerial photogrammetry technology, used for mining, stockpiles, gravel pits and landfill monitoring: is more accurate, quicker and more cost-effective than field surveys. Survey Graphics can also supply high resolution, colour orthophotos in digital, as well as laminated hard copies.

Survey & Mapping Services

Survey Graphics offer professional volumetric survey and land mapping services, covering the following areas:

  • Environment and forestry
  • Exploration and land development
  • Architecture
  • Landfill
  • Civil engineering
  • Extraction
  • Surveying
  • Land Use
  • Topographical
  • Agriculture
  • Cadastral
  • Geology and Mining
  • Utility Projects
  • Country & urban
  • Asset Mapping


Utilising photogrammetry, one of a number of remote sensing technologies: Survey Graphics can create digital maps, topographic surveys, volumetric surveys and detailed informative diagrams, long sections and cross sections of almost any project site.