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Detailed Topographic Mapping

Survey Graphics provide detailed topographic mapping which represents the horizontal and vertical positions of the features that are present in the survey area, as well as relief in measurable form such as break lines, contours, spot height and digital elevation models (DEMs). Contour mapping or topographic mapping is often utilised where a detailed analysis of the project site is required.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Survey Graphics provides detailed and accurate representation of ground surface topography, or terrain, as a DEM or DTM and is commonly supplied as a grid of points at a selected grid interval. Survey Graphics compiles DEMs from a choice of remote sensing technologies depending on terrain type and location, availability of remote sensing technology and cost considerations.

Topographic Mapping Applications

Topographic mapping is useful in many applications such as:

  • Creation of relief maps
  • Extracting terrain parameters
  • Modeling water flow or mass movement
  • Terrain and surface analysis
  • Rectification of aerial photos and satellite imagery
  • Engineering and infrastructure designs
  • Volume computations