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Kartscan-3, Flatbed Scanner

Flatbed scanner is designed for scanning transparent and opaque materials.

Technical Parameters:

  • Maximal 1 pass processing area is 841x594mm, all other sized material can be scanned in part and seamlessly joined
  • Maximal resolution is 600 dpi
  • Mean square error of scanning is 0.1mm
  • True colour output (24bit), gray scale output (8bit), monochrome output (1bit)
  • Tiled TIFF, Tiled TIFF (JPEG), Plain TIFF, BMP and RAW output files
  • Average time for scanning of image 600x600mm in black and white or grey mode with resolution 400 dpi is no more than 5 minutes. In true colour mode with resolution 400 dpi is no more than 12 minutes

Colour Roll-film Photogrammetric Scanner “DeltaScan”

Photogrammetric scanner is designed to supply colour, black and white high quality digital image scans and interactive previewing capabilities.

Geometric parameters

The scanner provides a high resolution image at 8 µm (3175dpi).

Root mean square error of scanning does not exceed ±3 µm. The value of root mean square error is determined by scanning and measuring the control grid;

Scanner is supplied with a unit for scanning roll films up to 250 mm wide (300 mm for 300×450 model).

Radiometric parameters

Scanner is equipped with a SONY color linear CCD-sensor and a light source based on a power LED array: components that provide superb quality of output images;

Controller of the CCD-sensor provides an internal 12-bit storage for intensities within each color channel that is transformed by hardware into 8-bit output;

Scanner provides scanning of both color and black-and-white materials and the scanning software stores output as True Color (24 bit) or gray scale (8 bit) image files;

The scanning software automatically detects optimal values of exposition, contrast and gamma for each color channel;

Scanner can perform scanning in two modes: density linear and intensity linear, which provide optimal results for photographs of any quality;

Scanning time for a 230×230 image in True Color mode at a 16 µm pixel size is 15 minutes;

Scanning time for a 230×230 image in grayscale mode at a 16 µm pixel size is 6 minutes.

Scanning software

Works in single image or batch mode (for automatic model);

Supports scanning to TIFF (uncompressed or JPEG) and BMP formats where the pixel size is a multiple of CCD pixel: 8,12,16,24,32 … 128 µm;

Contains a powerful unit for correction and transformation of output images and dodging procedures.