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Aerial Photography and Mapping

Aerial photography involves taking vertical photographs from the air with a calibrated survey camera of a project site in order to complete a survey. Survey Graphics can use existing or complete new aerial photography and provide from that exceptional detail including ground profiles, DEMs and digital photomaps.

With over 25 years of experience in mapping and surveying for a wide range of industries, Survey Graphics is a trusted name throughout Australia and South-East Asia. We have delivered high quality mapping and survey solutions to the mining, forestry, land development, landfill, exploration, architecture, civil engineering quarrying and surveying industries. We use the latest technologies to create 3D surface extraction for everything from single building sites to entire countries. There is no limit to our capabilities, and we always deliver high quality results.

Benefits of Aerial Photography

  • Provides coverage of the largest areas
  • Less time consuming
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Provides the greatest detail

Quality Solutions

Survey Graphics provide a full range of high quality photography solutions, to ensure highly detailed mapping. From small and technically challenging projects to large and high volume work; Survey Graphics have the capacity and expertise to deliver high quality data on-time and cost effectively.

Aerial photography services:

  • Project management
  • Flight planning and GCP surveys
  • Photo acquisition
  • Aerial photo maps and aerial mapping
  • Scanning
  • Aero-triangulation
  • Planimetric mapping
  • Digital elevation and terrain modelling (DEM/DTM)
  • Map editing
  • Digital orthophoto mosaics

Providing high quality solutions in aerial photography for over 25 years, with unsurpassed experience at the staff and management level and offering the latest in equipment and software: Survey Graphics can photograph, survey and map any area.

Call us today for a free quote and to learn more about why Survey Graphics is an industry leader with well-known clients across Australia and Asia. Our high quality, cost effective solutions are trusted by state government departments, water corporations, infrastructure departments, engineering firms, developers, mining companies, landfill operation, architectural firms and more.