Serving a Variety of Industries

Survey Graphics serve a variety of industries including mining, forestry, land development, architecture, landfill, exploration, civil engineering, quarrying and surveying.



Mining Accuracy & Safety

Survey Graphics provides professional aerial surveying services, to assist and provide additional surface information to the mine site survey section. The continual process of the changing mine site surface (open pit and long wall) can be tracked by quarterly aerial surveys and includes volumetric surveys of stock piles of both the mine site and load-out locations. Benefits include reducing OH&S risks to a minimum and permitting day to day mining activities to continue without interruption.

Architecture test Detailed & Accurate

Terrestrial photogrammetry assist architects and archeologists when conducting restoration work and when working with heritage listed buildings, where the existing structure(s) need to be retained or restored to their original condition. The benefits of terrestrial photogrammetric surveys within this discipline are numerous and include, the abundance of surface detail, which can be extracted and supplied without damage or disturbance to the project site.

Forestry Cost Effective & Profit Measuring

Advanced photogrammetry, aerial mapping and image processing techniques allow the team at Survey Graphics to create detailed maps of plantations and forest areas. Additional services include tree height measurement, NDVI counts when using colour infrared (CIR) film to assist biomass calculations, tracking environmental impacts, such as forest fires, pest infestations and affected growth patterns. Benefits include a reduction in costs due to reduced labour input at ground level, speedier surveys and more accurate information across whole plantations and forest blocks.

Land Development Cost Effective Land Surveying

Land development companies often utilise aerial surveys as a convenient method to survey the land and to assess the route location of roads, railways, highways or pipelines in large urban land developments. Benefits include the cost effective and time effective manner in which these surveys can be conducted.

LandfillSafety and Cost Effective

Aerial surveys flown at regular intervals over Landfill sites, whether run by commercial enterprise or local state councils, assist in tracking compaction rates and void space remaining for further fill. Aerial surveys are able to collect and provide far more many surface points then conventional methods and provide a basis for environment impact studies and reports to local councils. Benefits include, zero OH&S risks, consistent accuracy of survey and historical pictorial records.

ExplorationComplete Efficient and Accurate Map

For exploration geologists, Survey Graphics provide detailed geopositioned orthophoto mosaics (photomap) and DEMs to assist with mapping land form and local/site geology, to assist with field surveys, to assist with drilling programs, resource mapping and quantifying and providing the basis for an accurate and reliable data set for inclusion into a spatial information system (SIS). Costs and time savings are paramount benefits followed closely by accurate and efficient geological mapping.

Civil EngineeringBudget Control and Accuracy

Survey Graphics work with civil engineers to establish the most economical (route location) be it a rail, road, power line, pipeline, waterway or dam/site project. Efficient, accurate and speedy aerial surveys are useful in planning and computing quantities, essential in accurate costing and reliable budgets.

Extraction IndustriesProfit, Safety and Economy

Survey Graphics aid the extraction (quarrying) industry by providing accurate aerial photo maps that assist in tracking their operations, quantities and volumes in the removal of sand, limestone, rock and blue metal. Aerial surveys are invaluable when planning the location of a new or additional quarry site.

SurveyingCorrelation, Accuracy

With some of the larger land projects it is useful to have both aerial and ground surveys conducted to enable a correlation between the two for greater accuracy. Survey graphics works with a number of surveying companies to provide additional and complementary surveying services.