About Us

Photogrammetric mapping consultancy

Established in 1987, Survey Graphics grew to become one of the leading photogrammetric mapping consultancies in Australia and Southeast Asia, ESPECIALLY IN INDONESIA AND THE PHILIPPINES. In an effort to keep up with growing client demands, Survey Graphics has evolved with technological advances to complete projects on a large scale in both commercial and industrial markets.

Extensive mapping experience

Survey Graphics has gained comprehensive experience in mapping detailed areas through decades of operation. Mapping requires an immense amount of skill and expertise. Our dedicated team delivers consistently high quality mapping work, which is why our portfolio extends to various types of projects in the mining, forestry, land development, engineering and architectural industries.

Our biggest projects include:

  • Complete town sites
  • Extensive irrigated areas and plantation estates
  • Entire island nations
  • Expansive oil exploration blocks
  • Intricate operational mine sites
  • Shopping centres and commercial precincts
  • Colleges and surrounding grounds, parks and gardens
  • Landfill and quarry sites

The team

Our staff members are highly qualified and have many years’ experience in all aspects of 3D aerial surveying, from photogrammetry and engineering to cartography and GIS. The Survey Graphics team has grown to include some of Australia’s most impressive mapping professionals with sound experience and excellent skillsets. Our team of experts also includes university/TAFE qualified photogrammetric specialists and cartographers, with extensive experience in the processing of remotely sensed data.

Established client base

As an industry leader in providing quality and cost effective solutions, Survey Graphics has many well-known clients in Australia and Asia including; state government and infrastructure departments, water corporations, developers, engineering companies, mining companies, architectural firms, landfill operations, surveyors and regional councils.

Professional memberships

We are proud members of the Spatial Information Business Association (SIBA), and MAPPS Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors. These associations ensure we operate at or above industry standards.

Quality endorsed company

Survey Graphics is a quality endorsed company, producing consistently high-quality services, and implementing measures for continual improvement and innovation.